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Healthcare needs may arise without notice at any time 365 days a year, getting health advice and care may be difficult due to time pressure and busy doctors. Our Pharmacy Mini Clinic locations provide fast, convenient, high quality and cost-effective access for healthcare needs for the whole family.

Travel Health Vaccination Services

Our qualified healthcare providers can advise and provide you with the Vaccines you need with speed and lower costs. Safeguarding your health and holiday experience.

Get your travel health vaccines at a time that suits you

Diabetes Remission Services

Diabetes Assessment

Personalised Diabetic Plan

Regular Health Reviews

Diabetic Maintenance

With our treatment we can control diabetes and improve your health and wellbeing

Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Services

Metabolic Syndrome is a silent killer and many people do not know they have Metabolic Syndrome or what it is and how it will affect them, are you one of those?

Metabolic Synfrome if unmanaged can lead to

Heart Disease
Insulin Resistance
Lipid Problems
Type 2 Diabete

My Healthcare Report

Your health and well being monitoring is vital especially when life is hectic and time is limited. Our service will help you monitor your health and well being when its most important.

Comprehensive Healthcare report to inform and educated you about your health.

Our healthcare professioals use the latest technology and services with a healthcare professional using the latest technology and solutions saving time and costs.

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